Prof.Dr.rer.pol. Karin Luckey

born in 1956 in Wuppertal
Studied in Bonn and Wuppertal (1978 – 1984): social sciences (politics, sociology, economics), educational sciences, German studies
1985 – 1987: Research Associate at the University of Economics and Politics, Hamburg
1986 – 1988: Research and educational assistant at the Hamburger Volkshochschule: planning and organization of urban development of district and target group offers
1984 – 1997: Scientific work and member of the board of the Institute of Health, Environmental and Social Planning in Hamburg: with focus on: Organizational and personnel development in the social and health sector; Evaluation of model projects of the labor market and employment policy; New Public Management; quality management
1987 – 1997: co-founder of an interdisciplinary research institute; Scientific Associate. Project leader and temporary board member (1996-1998) at the Institute for Health, Environmental and Social Planning (IGUS eV), Hamburg; in cooperation with the School of Business and Politics, Hamburg
1997: Doctorate at the University of Economics and Politics in Hamburg funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation
1997 – 2008: Professorship for "Management of Social Organizations and Social Work" at the University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg Ostfriesland Wilhelmshaven, Department of Social Work and Health, from 2002 Dean, member of the extended Presidium and advisory member of the Senate
Since 1986: Teaching activities in education and training, especially social and health sector and public administration
Since 1986: Advisory member of commissions and advisory boards on university development, research and science funding of federal and state ministries as well as on the European level and of foundations and associations
Since 09/2008: Rector of the Hochschule Bremen

Deputy Chair of the National Rectors’ Conference in the State of Bremen
Chairwoman of uni-assist e. V., Berlin
Member of the Senate of the HRK
Country spokesperson for the group of universities of applied sciences in the HRK and member of the circle of speakers
Member of the Foundation Council of the Foundation for Admission to Universities
Representative of the University of Bremen in the German-French University, German-Jordanian University, German-Turkish University
Member of the Federal Association Social Economy and Social Management
Reviewer in the BMBF program for the promotion of research at universities of applied sciences
Appointed by the Austrian Ministry of Science as reviewer for the impulse program for the promotion of R & D structural development as well as cooperation projects in the Fachhochschule sector (FHplus)
Member of the Expert Group of the BMBF for Research Funding at Universities of Applied Sciences
Cooperation Office Universities and Trade Unions Bremen, Member of the Advisory Board
Confucius Institute Bremen (iG); Chairman of the Association
Liaison lecturer of the Hans Böckler Foundation
Mentor in the funding program for the recruitment of young female scientists and women from companies for professorships at universities (promotion of the proportion of women in universities)
Member of the Jury for the award of the science prize of the fair "Consozial" in Nuremberg
Founding member of the Interessengemeinschaft Airportstadt and until 2012 first chairman – since 2012 Deputy. Chairman and Member of the Board
Member of the University Council of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
Full membership in the EEA – 2010 – Representation of HSB
Advisory board member of "Belladonna", Bremen
Member of the Alliance UAS7
Speaker of the Metropolitan Council of the Metropolitan Region Northwest and advisory board member of the Northwest Metropolitan Region